Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We don't want an evil Russian twin!

Edit: It appears that Oslo and St. Petersburg not really are twin cities anymore, my sources (wikipedia) were mistaken. Even so; Norway must speak up!

Oslo has a twin relationship with St.Petersburg in Russia, and now I think it's time to reconsider it! I regard Oslo as a tolerant and inclusive city that is good to stay for LGBT people, and I therefore believe it is totally unacceptable that we can not say that the we will not tolerate that Russia treat our sisters and brothers in the way they do.

Citizens of Reykjavik, Berlin, Rotterdam, Brussels and many others are pushing their respective city councils to suspend twin relations with Russian cities. So why don't the Citizens of Oslo do the same?

I will conclude with parts of a Norwegian poem. We are not allowed to forget!

Du må ikke sitte trygt i ditt hjem
og si: Det er sørgelig, stakkars dem!
Du må ikke tåle så inderlig vel
den urett som ikke rammer dig selv!
Jeg roper med siste pust av min stemme:
Du har ikke lov til å gå der og glemme!
Dersom du ikke kjenner til saken, kan du lese litt om det her.

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